viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

iMail It!

Are you tired of the 5 pictures & 1 video email attachment restriction? 

Do you want to select as many as files you want to share via email, press a button and go? 

Then, iMail it! is your app

¿What you can do?

  •  Select multiple photos or videos from your camera roll and send them all at once. 
  • iMail it! will automatically split your data up in several emails in order to not oversize the max length restriction of you email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo...). 
  •  In case any video is bigger than the max size it will be compressed to fit in the email (if possible, otherwise would be discarded). 
  • Select all the media in your camera roll at once with a simple click and send them all!. 
  • Send all files in a zip file. 
  • Import files to your camera roll from a zip file of your inbox. 

Above features are the ones of the pro version which can be unlocked through the in-app purchase upgrade. Free version will be restricted to Select up to 10 photos and 2 videos. 

Please note that as per some iOS restrictions you'll be prompted to activate Location services in iOS 5 and to give access to your camera roll in iOS6. Bear in mind that if you don't accept above terms the application won't work correctly.

Please find below a brief video demo of the app, where you can check that it is able to attach more than 5 files in a single email.
Where Is My Toro? - evadesoft

The app is localized in English and Spanish, but if you want me to add your own language (or whichever languages you know) do not hesitate to contact me and help me to translate it (I'll be more than happy of uploading in that newer language too).

And of course please don't forget to leave a comment in case you like the app, or if you want to know more about it.

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